Midnight Shift x Currents



Live Stream

RSVP: common.currents.fm

Subscribe to us on currents: https://a.currents.fm/c/mnshift

Entry: open space for all, donation based.

COMMON is an experimental virtual events venue for grassroots music communities, based on tools and structures centered on collective action.




Hieroglyphic Being

Intergalactic Gary B2B Pasiphae



Prequel Tapes


Tim Reaper


Artwork by Mark Ng

Video edit and effects by Lucas Burrows

Come ride out the 2nd wave with your favourite interplanetary DJs as we come together for the first Midnight Shift x Currents.fm collaboration at the COMMON virtual space. Your donations and tips are converted into a 100% artist-distributed chain of support to keep them going through these wavy times.

COMMON is free to attend, but encourages sustainable support through collective and artist subscriptions to channels on Currents, and tipchains - a new feature that converts a single donation into an artist-distributed chain of support. Subscribe to a collective or channel on Currents and unlock special features on COMMON.