Room 303 x Midnight Shift Pres. Hodge


Elevator, Shanghai

MIIIA's Room 303 teams up with Singapore/Berlin-based record label and party crew Midnight Shift to bring back one of our favorite artists - Hodge - another long, sweaty night exploring the outer-reaches of electronic music — broken, percussive explorations blended with Detroit driving soul and deep space sound design. Hodge's last time up at Elevator was one of our favorite sets of last year - we can't wait to hear how the Bristolian's sound has evolved.

Jacob Martin's music is the epitome of Bristol's adventurous dance music scene. The city's penchant for bass and genre experimentation is there throughout all the twists and turns of his discography. He makes techno infused with the bass weight of the dubstep days, a sound that's as suited to Tempa as it is Livity Sound. He's the type of producer who puts out dark and banging techno on Berceuse Heroique, before delivering a glittering, mostly ambient record for No Corner a few months later. Martin is a chameleon, but he retains a signature handling of bass and melody. Each of his records are quite different, but all are essential listening. Over time Martin has proven himself capable of the kind of genre alchemy perfected by artists like Pearson Sound and Pangaea, a rare category of producer that Martin now fully belongs to. Hear what choice cuts one of the UK's finest slams through our MODE Audio sound system on this trip. Support from MIIIA and visuals from ;C.

Room 303: MIIIA's night dedicated to outer space tripping, acid bassline illusions, losing control and the techno that takes us there. It showcases artists - internationally, Asia-based, and local - creating new pathways and pushing the boundaries of sound while keeping tight grooves intact. Past guests include Bambounou, Traumer, Rebekah, Etapp Kyle and Par Grindvik. The Chinese-Canadian is fresh off of gigs in LA and at Burning Man, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and Budapest get a taste of the cutting edge sounds she's bringing to dancefloors across the planet.

Midnight Shift — a spirited entity grounded in sound, an electronic music events and label uprising. Since 2012, label artists include KiNK, Basic Soul Unit, Gene Hunt, John Heckle and Hodge and events thrown in Singapore, Seattle, Berlin and Shanghai.