B X Midnight Shift 002 : Perc (UK)



RSVP for complimentary entry before 11.30pm: http://bit.ly/bxmnsperc The second in a series of collaborations between cutting-edge music labels B and Midnight Shift out of Singapore, B X Midnight Shift brings one of electronic dance music’s reference points: Perc aka Ali Wells to the den along with Mix Architekt and Norman C. A burgeoning label notorious for their underground parties in nondescript locations, B has previously brought in Tommy Four Seven, Oscar Mulero and C-drik. The label stands alone independently; an autonomous entity free in spirit, where music is symbiotic to its environment. The juncture where Midnight Shift, with artists such as Basic Soul Unit, Iron Curtis, Deetron and Recondite on its label meets B is the fruit of this collaboration. Opening the night will be Norman C, Singapore’s techno warrior and kyō resident released on labels such as Logos, Crayon, Plus Tokyo and Hypnotic Room and shaping the sound of the club’s iconic Saturday nights since its launch. Mix Architekt, second to bat, hails from Chicago, with current location unknown. A programming whiz from Allen & Heath, he has influenced countless hordes of DJs and producers while pushing his singular intersection of techno, reggae, dub, afrobeat, doom metal, bass and more. Prepare for an electronic exploration of the 3rd kind. One of the most forward-thinking individuals in techno, Perc leads us to the land’s end, fusing current sounds with his extensive knowledge of electronic music’s past; a fusion of the cream of current techno mixed with choice selections from electronic music’s forefathers to summon forth an ecstatic present. On visual accompaniment will be none other than visionary Burrows, who has been framing the look of our music landscape since 2008.