Midnight Shift Label Showcase feat. Eddie Niguel and Recondite



Recondite (Live) Eddie Niguel Norman Chung Visuals: Burrows For complimentary RSVP BEFORE 11.30 pm, hit this link up at: http://bit.ly/mnsrecondite2013 Midnight Shift makes a debut at the house of kyō with its second label showcase outing, featuring Berlin-based Recondite joined by fellow label artist Eddie Niguel and kyō resident, Norman Chung. First on the line up, Norman Chung, is no stranger to Midnight Shift. The DJ/Producer has played at numerous parties, including the Midnight Shift Showcase at Decibel Festival, Seattle in 2012. His now trademark sets combine the best of disco, house and techno in one, with a healthy nod to the sounds of Detroit and with the brimming energy to match. Presenting a 1-hour live set next is headliner Recondite, whose performance is well timed with his split release of ‘Shift 003’ EP (Out: 13 May 2013) on Midnight Shift. Flying the label’s banner, he will be creating the deep, melancholic and mesmerising techno he is known for in real time. Belonging somewhere outside the coordinates of the physical, his tracks have been described as dark, mystic and delivering a tranquil and intimate atmosphere. In another word – beauty. Onwards, Eddie Niguel takes over the controls, demonstrating a flair and versatility to rule a room at any time of the day (or night). Expect techno to be taken to its extremes and back as Eddie opens up unchartered dancefloor dialogue with distinction. VJ Burrows makes an appearance with his lo-fi and Hitchcock aesthetic a perfect visual complement to the music. MNS003 Shift 003 sampler preview http://soundcloud.com/midnight-shift/sets/mns003-sampler