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Soydivison, together with L-KW and Midnight Shift will be making a special edition of Soy&Synth for 2022 by presenting a 3-part series called “South by South Sonic Serenade”. The series will tease out deeper dialogues and improvised performances with sound artists and musicians from South East Asian and South American diasporic backgrounds.

Beyond shared similarities along natural landscapes, flora and fauna, South East Asia and South America also share sound and musical practices that deal, subtly or not, with the (often violent) devices, legacies, and cultural and political complexities of colonialism. Subcultures have emerged in both regions in terms of contemporary art and music, with many artists working at the intersection of these entanglements either ‘at home’ or ‘abroad’. While Berlin has become a melting pot and refuge for many artists and practices with ties to these regions, the representation of these discourses - curated and instigated by artists diasporised from these regions - is missing.

A final gathering and discourse program involving participants from the program will also be held in November in collaboration with Radical Sounds Latin America which we term affectionately as a South to South dialogue:)

We therefore warmly invite you to claim, disobey, resist and serenade with our entangled sonic heritages with whatever ‘sounds’ good together.