Artist Interview: Jonathan Kusuma


Released on Cocktail D'Amour, I'm a Cliche and Love on the Rocks, Jonathan Kusuma is a musician, producer and DJ from Jakarta and based in Singapore. Get to know a little more about this elusive figure, responsible for some of the most tripped out EBM meets disco tracks from this dimension. Catch him at Midnight Shift 8 YRS feat. Karim Sahraoui.

How did you get your first break musically?

I didn’t get a “break” as such, but things really started getting together for me musically with Space System, my band with Aryo, and the record label we used to run, Space Rec. We were interested in exploring the same sounds, compositions etc.

Name one music record that defines you.

There are too many!! 

What is important to you as a musician?

Being consistent with what you believe in and staying true to yourself.

How would you describe your sound or what you do to your grandmother?

Weird noises, strange melodies, dark vibes, sarcastic meanings, representing city situations, silly compositions.

Are you a producer first or a DJ first? Is there a difference for you?

A producer first. Yes of course, for me, you connect with music differently when you’re producing and DJing.  

What are some of your inspirations to make music?

My surroundings, everyday life, what’s happening in the world right now maybe? But I think I get inspiration most from learning about music itself, exploring sounds through synthesizers, trying out new techniques and ways to compose, from party experiences, my dog.

Any chance of an album soon?

Yes. Next year hopefully.

3 inspiring tracks for you right now?

Lena Platonos (Red Axes RMX) - “Witches”



Name one piece of hardware you cannot live without and why?

Only one? I guess my Electron Analog Four.

A special tip you have for aspiring producers?

Keep trying.

What’s coming up for you in 2017?

An album and some remixes.

What can we expect from you for the MNS Anniversary party?

I’m gonna test out my new tracks tomorrow, hopefully they work :)

Midnight Shift 8 YRS feat. Karim Sahraoui
19 Nov 2016
10pm onwards 

Karim Sahraoui
Jonathan Kusuma
Jamie React  

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