Artist Interview: Jerls


DJ/producer Jerls of NoPartyHere emerged from the local hardcore scene at 15 and now works out on a different dancefloor but with the same frenetic energy of UK-influenced sounds from house to techno, dubstep and bass. Catch him on the shift this Saturday 2 April 2016.

You come from an interesting music background. What made you first switch from hardcore to electronic?

It wasn’t really much of a switch, we started playing around with electronic sounds to incorporate into our music, thus the birth of the band’s new sound and album in ’07 which has elements of both teenage angst and spikes of dance-y electronic kicks. From there, I started producing my solo electronic music.

What was the local hardcore scene like when you were 15?

The scene was amazing, before social media took over the community. We’d collectively meet at a gig and appreciate the whatever band was playing, some gigs were 18+ so we’d have to brainstorm on how to crash it, which made the experience much more memorable. There was no judgement in the way you dress, the music you like, the music you play, it was a circle where you can express yourself freely.

Are there still hardcore influences in your music?

There was in my first Dubstep album ‘Owvle’, I’ve been leaning more towards the UK Bass sound ever since. I wouldn’t say there’s much hardcore influences in my music now, but those were good times.

What do you do at Potato Head Folk and next, No Party Here?

I handle the Creative and Marketing aspects of Potato Head Folk along with Audrey Choy, we do things weird but things work out. No Party Here is fun fun fun with Louis Lam and Audrey Choy, but I’m also the downer that tells them that this or that party wouldn’t work because of P&L, yeah I’m that guy.

Who or what are some musical influencers of yours?

I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan, I wouldn’t say I’ve got much of any musical influence from MJ but he’s definitely imprinted something in me. Otherwise, listen to Rinse FM.

Can you share with us 3x YouTube videos?

What makes a good DJ in your opinion? Can you name a few you have seen?

Good looks, good body, smashing moves while on set… kidding, but these are what made some DJs famous today isn’t it. I was exceptionally impressed with DJ EZ’s set, it wasn’t a live set or anything fancy in particular, it was the mixture of good track selection, how each track compliments each other and how he reads the crowd. And oh yes Mr Goldie forever.

Any new music cooking in the studio? What’s your workflow like?

I just released an album ‘Boston Cream’ which is kind of like a music journal of Jerls for the past 4 years, it sounds more like a compilation than an album actually. Work flow of music production… Probably a really comfortable pair of pants (that’s priority), then lie on my stomach and that’s when magic happens, good or bad.

What are some of your hardware of choice? Any tips you can share?

I absolutely love the M-Audio Trigger Finger, it’s discontinued but it’s probably more of nostalgia thing than an efficient tool, actually it’s not even that good. No tips, ask for tips from a good producer.

Personal life motto?

I’d say ‘One Life One Chance’ because that’s tattooed on me, which also kinda means YOLO! But yeah, live life to it’s fullest.

The soundtrack of my life is…

The soundtrack of Titanic… not kidding.

What can we expect from you this Saturday?

A warm up set of Techno & Bass sounds, tracks that makes you bob your head and tap your feet, but not to the point of extreme raving, but you kinda want to, but it’s too early to rave kinda vibe.

Midnight Shift with
Hodge & Rivet

Supported by:
Lily's Rose

HeyLou (NoPartyHere)


Sat 2 Apr 20156
10pm onwards 

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