Artist Interview: EJ Missy


DJ, Clubber, Promoter, Administrator, Marketer and Booker, EJ Missy has done it all. She makes her long awaited debut on the Midnight Shift platform together with LOOP collaborator Avneesh this Saturday. Read on to find out what this fiery, sassy lass and former JUICE DJ Quest champ has in her crate and up her sleeves.

For the record, what do you do?
Apart from DJing when I have the chance, I’m on the marketing team full-time for kyo. Managing the social media, generate content for all publicity materials (online and offline), source for guest djs, process contracts, process DJ invoices, consolidate tech riders, sort travel arrangements, sort hotels and airport transfers. And when they’re here, I am pretty much their tour guide, especially for those who're here for the first time. And on the gig night itself, I make sure everything runs smoothly for them.

How did you get into djing?
I would like to believe that too much clubbing plays a part of it. After so many years being on the dancefloor,  I wondered how it's like  to be on the other side of the room.  In 2006, i did a mixtape. For fun. A friend who was then a graphic designer for Lifebrandz, sent that to Mr Has (without my knowledge) who was a resident at Balcony Bar. I then got a slot there playing for free drinks for a couple of sessions. Eventually i got into their roster which included other venues like Kandi Bar, Amino. The rest is history...

What has made you stay?
MUSIC itself and the people i share it with. But most of all,  the people I have yet to share it with. I get high on how the same tune can move and affect different people in different ways and how people connect through music even when they’re not speaking the same language. To be part of this process, and to be creator of these moments, is both a grand and humbling feeling.

Top 5 tracks of all time?
Cobblestone Jazz - India In Me
Booka Shade - In White Rooms 
Loco Dice - Paradiso 

Muzarco - Prophet on Jupiter (Guy J Remix) 
Maurizio - M-4

What will you play at sunset?

Saucy - Sex at Sunset
Sebo K - Shades of Red
Dominik Eulberg, Gabriel Ananda - The Space Between Us  (Original mix)


Lawrence - Place to Be (Original mix)
Grande Torino - Agoria 
John Beltran - Kissed By the Sun 

Johnny D - Soleil 
Kyoto Jazz Massive - The Brightness of These Days

Tell us about the Singapore scene from your perspective.
It’s slowly unfolding. People are more receptive of unfamiliar sounds & fresh ideas. The herd metality is still there but there are a small group of people who are willing to take the lead to be key influencers. I believe this group will grow in numbers, though hopefully for the right reasons.

How has working at kyo fit into your work as a DJ?
It made me understand the many aspects of DJing which you wouldn't otherwise see if you don't get to behind the scenes. Mostly the business aspect of it. The challenge to both educate and to please at the same time. Finding that balance is key.

Some special moments as a DJ to share?
Every gig is special be it in a bar or a club cos you never play to the same group of people. But if i have to list them:

- I get to return to Colombo for a gig in 2009 with my then-partner Artihc
- Invaded Zirca with our Loop techno nights
- Chosen as a guest act  for Onewithaldrin 10th anniversary
- Playing alongside my kyo colleagues including my boss on our Overtime nights at kyo

Some of your favourite DJs and why?

Robert Babicz - He is a storyteller, DJ-wise and in person. Getting to know him personally and discovering what led him to where he is right now,  i have the utmost respect for his music and his art.

Xhin - Non-conformist. His take-it-or-leave it approach to music makes you feel that the only rules to break is your own. After you lose yourself in an hour of Xhin, you’re never quite the same person after.

Oxia - He’s a classic.

What's next for you?
I’ve been a clubber, promoter, a DJ, an administrator,  marketer, a booker, so... running my own DJ booking agency comprising a roster of  high calibre & promising talents.

What can we expect for Midnight Shift's 5th anniversary on 15 Nov?
Music from the harder end of the spectrum.  Fiery but not overbearing.

Midnight Shift 5th Anniversary feat. Rødhåd, Eddie Niguel + LOOP

Sat 15 Nov 2014

10pm onwards

Eddie Niguel
EJ Missy + Avneesh (LOOP)

Visuals: Burrows x Brandon Tay

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