Artist Interview: Brendon P


Brendon P needs no introduction. A stalwart of the Singapore scene (also reviewer for this blog), DJ for 33 years and with productions on labels such as Los Grandes, Love International Records, Rawjak, Reversoulmusic, Eclasia, Audio Parallax and In The Woods, BP has mentored whole generations of DJs while continuing to rock dancefloors around the island with his encyclopedic knowledge of burners. Catch him this Saturday for the Midnight Shift Label Showcase featuring Terrence Parker.

When and where was the mix recorded?

I recorded it live in one take at the Pop Trash DJ Studio late one night, almost got locked in the building too, had to wake the guards up to let me out..... oops. Anyway, it's a combination of some of the newer tunes that I totally enjoy, combined with a few current updates of a few classic tunes that we play on our Friday nights at kyo, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I had putting it together.

Describe your dream gig and the music, people involved
Well, ideally it would probably be in the new "Output" in Brooklyn (as I do love New York City to bits, and have great respect for Nicolas Mattar and what he's been doing in pushing it forward there). A close second being Panorama Bar in Berlin (ha ha, I think I'm dreaming a tad too 'big' here eh?) Ideally I would love my closest friends and the people that I hold dear across the globe to be there - but I don't think the promoters would fly them ALL up. Musically, it would be, errmm...interesting.

What would you say your style as a DJ is? What about the music that you make?
I've been DJ'ing close 33 years now, and, I'm a Gemini, which means that I grew up with a wide spectrum of music, and also, that there's two sides to me, and both sides love a wide variety of music 'styles' so I'd rather let myself just play and let the 'evil twin' out every now and then. I don't like staying to just 'one' particular genre really, unless the party, or club, itself deems it so. As for what I make, hmmm...I suppose what ever ideas I have that come to me at the time and what I've always challenged myself to do, but never really got down to doing. It normally gets a little crazier when the evil twin nudges me around.

What is one common misconception about you?
Several actually, that I'm 'moody' and that I'm gay being the bulk of them. I don't really mind or care actually, because I do have quite a few very close gay friends, and, to some extent, 'moody' keeps the douche-bags at arms length, most of the time.

Favourite movie?
Of all time? Jaws, definitely! Stephen Day will attest to that. We almost got security in a club racing towards us, because we were re-enacting a scene from the movie, and they thought we were about to pick a fight with each other. I'll let you figure out which 'scence' it was though...Hilarious!

Favourite city in the world?
Well, New York actually, still, for now. These days I'm keeping my options open until I get around a little more.

Last song I downloaded:
The Todd Terje remix of Bryan Ferry's 'Don't Stop The Dance' - he's done his 'Dolle Jolle' thing again. Interesting.

Describe Shigeki:
He's probably one of the best co-residents I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He's humble, honest, knowledgeable, considerate, confident, and very skilled at what he does, and is always willing to learn new things too. And I like it that we are both very self-critical and always want to do better in our craft and in our work, and just to be better people as we grow, and enjoy our work too. Our styles are pretty different in some ways, but we flow very well between our respective sets (so I've been told, by a few people). That's not easy to find these days, really.

A musician/persona that you admire? Why?
Oh, I've always admired Stevie Wonder in many ways. He's blind, but plays almost every musical instrument that I can think of, and wrote the most simple, and yet thought provoking songs ever (save 'I just Called to Say I Love You' which is probably one of the few Stevie songs that i REALLY DON'T LIKE) When I lost the hearing in my right ear, his disability was the inspiration that I drew from to continue doing what I do and just moved along. Prince and Marvin Gaye would tie in for a close second.

What were some highlights of your career to date?
Well, this year, there's been the 'Training Shed' gig, that was totally 'off the hook' and probably one of the best reactions I've had in Singapore in a long, long time. The recent Wax-On-Wax-Off party at Loof was really fun too. And. of course, there's my current Friday night residency with Shigeki at kyo that I'm enjoying thoroughly.  I suppose you could add playing 6 hours all on my own to a full house in Cielo in New York in 2010 as another one of them, and that Midnight Shift party with Argy at Velvet in 2011 was rather awesome as well. All the DOOMPH parties, as well as my respective residencies at NOX, Zouk and Velvet too. Those are the one's that come to mind the most.

If you could change one thing about the industry...
It'll be the bitching and backbiting by some of the 'holier-than-thou' DJ's and promoters who claim that they're trying to make it 'better' but are actually creating a more elitist and segregated environment. STOP BITCHING and START DANCING, and having fun again...and maybe we'll all get somewhere together...eventually. Also the government's archaic policy of not granting licenses to the more forward-thinking bars to allow DJ booths and DJs playing in them. How cheesy Karaoke bars and seedy nightclub's get their 'Class 1' licenses approved so easily is beyond me and reflects a great deal on the lack of savvy and foresight of the country as a whole.

As a teenager, I worshipped:
GOD, I still do =)
for all other earthly beings, there's my Parents, Siblings, Depeche Mode...and Prince!

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What can we look forward to for your Midnight Shift performance?
Well, Shigeki and myself are on warm-up duties that night, so we'll be playing back to back from 10-30 pm. We're not going to take it too far over the edge, but expect a set that's very 'us'; lots of groovy energy, funky and quirky moments - the dancefloor will be the best place to experience it.


01. Movement - Feel Real (Morgan Geist Remix) [Modular Records: June 2013]
02. Deetron feat. Ovasoul 7 - Out Of My Head (Original Mix) [Music Man Records: Apr 2013]
03. Clayton Steel - Passion (DJ T Remix) [No. 19 Music: Mar 2013]
04. KiNK & Sierra Sam feat Hollis P Monroe & Overnite - My Space (Black 80's Home Studio Mix) [Upon You Records: May 2013]
05. Tiga & Jori Hulkkonen - Trust Your Body (Original Mix) [Turbo Recordings: May 2013]
06. Apollonia - Visa Americain (Original Mix) [Apollonia: July 2013]
07. Quell - Them Crowd Kids (Original Mix) [Ibadan: June 2013]
08. Romanthony - Ministry Of Love (Andre Crom 2013 Remix) [Glasgow Underground: June 2013 - Original Version released on Azuli Records, 1995]
09. Brotherhood Of Soul - I'll Be Right There (Hands In The Air Dub) [Strictly Rhythm: 1995]
10. Mood II Swing - Closer (Fred Everything & Oliver Desmet Remix) [Amenti Music: Apr 2008 - Original Version released on King Street Sounds, 1994]
11. George Morel - Let's Groove (DJ T 2013 Remix) [[Get Physical Music: June 2013 - Original Version released on Strictly Rhythm Records, 1996]

Midnight Shift Label Showcase feat. Terrence Parker
Fri 12 July 2013
10pm onwards

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