Artist Interview: B


Tommy Four Seven at BT47, Singapore 17 Oct 2013.

Who is B made of and what do you guys do?
B is made up of close friends sharing a common interest for electronic music, in the broadest sense of it. We’ve been pushing gigs since 2006 under different monikers with more recently focusing on techno. We’re currently working on our label which will be out in due time.

Why call yourselves B?
B is just an imprint. People need associations to whoever is pushing our gigs somehow so we decided that B would be simple enough.

How did B come to be?
We started out being inspired by the punk’s DIY ideology and how we can adopt this in pushing electronic music through our gigs. After a hiatus, we got a call from a good friend in Allen & Heath to host a tour they’re doing so we toyed around with the idea to host it in a raw setting.

With the rising costs of living in Singapore, we then noticed an increasing number of empty shop houses for rent. Similar to the abandoned warehouse parties during industrial Germany in the 90s, we feel it would only be apt to bring that spirit in a local context. This inspired us so we borrowed an empty shop house from a nice property agent for free, pooled different sort of sound and DJ equipment together from friends and have everyone contributed something from drinks, website design to logistics.

The first B gig was a great success so we dedicated a new series focusing on techno.

What is the philosophy or motivation behind B?
We are always motivated by the people and the environment that spur most of our work. We wanted our work to be honest, raw and unpretentious thus our personal motto - Fuck the Fluff.

Some heroes or influences?
Notable ones would be Richard David James aka Aphex Twin because his music is always evolving. Sandwell District because they believe that the music itself should always takes centre stage instead of the hype and the late J.B. Jeyaretnam because he was the first original punk in Singapore to stand up against the establishment and status quo.

A personal favorite memory?
Each of our gig brings a special memory to us. Different people coming together making sense of the environment is just magical.  This drives us to do what we do.

Tell us a bit about what you think of the current Singapore scene.
There are too many opinions on the scene. You take what you make of it.

One place you will bring a visitor to in Singapore? 
We usually try bringing them home for some home-cooked dinner to let them in abit on how we live in Singapore.

How did the collaboration with Midnight Shift come about?
It started out with a humbling email from Kavan & Debbie on our first B gig. They believed in what we do and have always been supportive of it ever since. After a few conversations, it actually came naturally that it’s only right to collaborate. We really wanted to make things happen and we went for it.

Top 3 tunes of the moment?
There's so much good music now and it’s impossible to streamline our Top 3. However, here are some tunes and labels that we’ve been listening to recently.

Radial – Asiel 

Oscar Mulero – Disinformation (Xhin remix)

Lag – Sama Doma

Top 3 labels of the moment?
Downwards, Semantica, Stroboscopic Artefacts

Favorite DJ mix?
Surgeon's This Is For You Shits

Hardware or software?
It doesn’t matter to us really. It’s all about directing the experience that can come through various mediums.

Complete this sentence. Music is…

What will you be wearing for Halloween?
Shorts and sandals but we doubt the lovely ladies at Kyo will let us in.

What can we expect from B on 26th October?
You can expect total mayhem or clean good fun; it’s all in your head.

Halloween tune?
Hostile – Demons, Devils, Darkness

Halloween Special: B x Midnight Shift 001 feat. International Mystery Guest
Sat 26 October 2013
10pm onwards

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