Artist Interview: Avneesh


Mauritian/Martian Avneesh joins our showcase tonight. Find out more about the multi-tasking music lover and man behind underground outfit electrocaine who not only lives and breathes music, but shares it with the world through his various projects and manifestations. Enjoy this one.


The exotic island of Mauritius

Astrological sign:
Virgo, perfectionist they say. It's more like not being able to finish things on time. Haha :D

Who is Avneesh? Tell us a little about what you do. (It's alot!)
I'm a graphic artist/designer living in Singapore and been here since 2004. I also one half of electrocaïne in Singapore. I manage projects from web, print to video for electrocaïne both in Mauritius and Singapore. On the side I love finding new music and collecting music on a daily basis if possible. And yeah, create mixes to share with people and more than happy if I get to do that live. While doing so, I keep finding new talents and guest acts for the electrocaïne podcast also. I do live visuals and pretty lights in clubs and parties. I guess there's quite a few more things going on but I'll say I get myself involved in everything that touches sound and visual arts.

Who are some of your musical heroes?
There's so much people but here's a few just on the top of my head:
Kurt Kobain
Yann Tiersenn
Kenny Dixon Jr

Some favourite labels:
Ninja Tunes
Warp Records
Ostgut Ton
Hessle Audio

Describe your DJing style:
Everyone who asks me this, I always answer the same thing as I think it the core of DJing. I describe it as storytelling. You need to be able to bring someone on a journey and get their attention all the time. Just as if you're reading a story to a kid, if the kid sleeps or walks away, you've lost. There's also no genre boundaries for me, only good music and I try my best to get the best cuts independent of style. It's all about the groove.

Best gig to date:
The Sound of Filaos 2012, Mauritius. It's an annual party electrocaïne organisers on a island outside mauritius with help of friends in mauritius. Last year's party was off the hook with a great attendance and amazing response from the crowd.

If you could change one thing about the industry?
The industry keep changing to the new digital age. To me, digital music should be free or something of that kind. This is something that would change the DJ scene completely. It's slowly going that direction now. Most biggest releases are going back on records. The physical item should be the one that you're able to purchase.
The digital age has brought up a lot of DJs as the music is so easily accessible and wether you want it or not, people will keep pirating it. So yeah, I'm for more vinyl releases.

Where do you find your inspirations?
I live and breathe music I guess. Music is the main part of my life/job. But I would say the inspirations comes from the wide library music I'm lucky to have which keeps growing daily.

What is one common misconception about you?
People often tend to pigeon hole me to one specific genre here which has its pros/cons. It's always good to surprise people. And oh, everyone thinks I'm 16 years old. Haha

Mauritius vs Singapore?
It's totally 2 different worlds. Different people, different mindset. I would choose Mauritius though over Singapore. People are more open in a way to the music you play. That is because the music scene is still growing and people tend to accept more and there's more outdoor parties. In Mauritius, you can just decide to make a party and get it done in a few days with easily 100people and rocking with a sound system on a beach.
I think also, the money part plays also. Removing that aspect, everyone is at the same levels. No judgements, just good vibes and music.

Last song I downloaded:
Omar S - Just ask the lonely

First vinyl I bought:
Wow, that's a while back. It would have to be some random record back then. More like I had to start somewhere. I can tell you which record back them meant the most to me:
It's a limited pressing of Massive Attack - Teardrop (Minilogue remix)

Last vinyl I bought:
Vinalog - Frames (Thanks to Jeanne Roboh for that)

My teenage obsessions:
I loved my bicycle. I would use all my pocket money to get something for it, like even if i didnt need to.
And the second one would be, how would you say, fishes? I used to have 2 aquariums I think.

Favourite city in the world:
I havent seen it all but yeah, for the music, it would definitely be Berlin.

Song to play at sunset:
Francois K - Awakening

Song to play at sunrise:
Bob Marley - Roots Rock Reggae (any Bob actually would do, but that one is my fav)

Point us to a YouTube/Vimeo link:

What can we expect from you for Midnight Shift?
Well, I've been by the side of Midnight Shift from the start I can say and Midnight shift is always been
forwarding thinking and breaking boundaries, bigger and bigger I have to say. It's an honor to be able to helm the decks for their showcase. I would say to take whatever you expect from an amazing night and forget about it. I like the element of surprise and unexpectation. It's the best when you receive something unexpected, you can't describe the happiness and joy :) So I'll do my best to serve you my best findings and cuts from old to new.

01. Kerri Chandler - Mommy What's A Record
02. Laszlo Dancehall - Ain't No Time
03. Roland Nights - Breezin'
04. Jerome Sydenham - Ecoute!
05. Jack Fell Down - Brothers and Sisters
06. Panos & Sentaza - French 75 feat. J.Expo (LEFTWING & KODY Remix)
07. Icarus - Like I do
08. The 2 Bears - Work It Out (DJ Sneak Dub)
09. Quell - Right
10. Julien H Mulder - Old Rutins
11. Alden Tyrell & Gerd - Luv Thang
12. Deetron - Character
13. Serge & Tyrell - Pump-O-Matic
14. Spoork - Freek Like Me (Doorly Freak-Mix)
15. Cosmin TRG - Sommer
16. Dexter - Thing
17. Hound Scales - Surrender Dorothy
18. Romanthony - Let Me Show You Love (Gerd's Crooklyn Full Vox Mix)

Midnight Shift Label Showcase feat. Terrence Parker
Fri 12 July 2013
10pm onwards

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