April Music Freebie Roundup


A bumper crop of freebies this April - not necessarily released in April, but found by the team in April. Enjoy quality music only limited by your Internet bandwidth from the likes of Legowelt, Max Cooper, Inigo Kennedy, Rennie Foster, Karizma, Tennis Rodman, Christian Prommer, Christian Löffler, Joey Negro, Jozif, Comakid and Jimmy Edgar for Frankie Knuckles. In no particular order.

Christian Löffler - Veiled Grey
Taken from his album 'Young Alaska', Christian presents a landscape of melancholia with a glimmer of hope.

Frankie Knuckles - Baby Wants to Ride (Jimmy Edgar Edit)
A tribute to the late Frankie Knuckles from Detroit star Jimmy Edgar: "What else can I say about Frankie that hasn’t been said this week? With this track, we celebrate his life, his kindness, his love for music, his inspiration, his passion and all that he gave during his life."

Christian Prommer - Waltz
This track is taken from Christian Prommer's 'ÜberMood' album. Here is what Ralf Summer had to say about it on the national (bavarian) radio BR2 Zündfunk: "One of the album highlights: "Waltz", a tune between minimal-classic of a Steve Reich and minimal-house of the clubs". 

Z Tillahun EthioHouse BOSS DR660 Legowelt Remix 

Download link here: http://awolfe.home.xs4all.nl/ZTillahun_Sobana_LegoweltBossDr660Mix.mp3 

You can't refuse a Legowelt. "A little present for U my BOSS DR660 drummachine remix of the supercool Ethiopian pop disco classic Z Tillahun's - Sobana Pingponged on 1993 vintage normal I type cassettetape for extra foggyness 320kpbs MP333333 Get it before it gets you!"

Rennie Foster - Free RF Downloads Here

We struck gold here with this package from Canadian Rennie Foster. Support the artist. You can thank us later.

Max Cooper - Quantet with Tom Hodge

Max Cooper experiments and the results are amazing: "It just turned into an experiment of what I could do with these odd melodic units, or quanta of the original tentet, hence the name - Quantet."

Brad Shit - Casbah Breakdown Joey Negro says, "we're giving away a few classic edits for a limited time. grab it while you can :-)"

Kaytronik - STRONGER THAN PRIDE-Fo' Sho' Karizma Remix
It pays to check on Karizma or Kaytronik's soundcloud as he often puts up his music for free, but be quick as they get taken off as fast as they come up. Here if you haven't already copped it, his rework of Sade's Stronger Than Pride.

jozif - RA Podcast Edits
From his RA podcast from years back, jozif offers 3 re-edits up for grabs. You can have his edits but you can't download his talent, unfortunately.

Inigo Kennedy - Asymmetric Records (2004-2012)

Download link here: http://www.asymmetric.co.uk/mp3.htm

Who knew that Inigo Kennedy gave away his music or did his own cover art? Here's his notes on these releases: "ASY MP3 001 to 007 are encoded using LAME at an average bit rate of 192Kb/s. ASY MP3 008 to 011 are encoded using LAME at a variable bit rate of ~256Kb/s in full stereo mode and at maximum quality settings. ASY MP3 012 and onward are encoded using LAME extreme or 320Kb/s CBR. Alternative versions will not be made available."

Tennis Rodman - Morpheeus X
Demo smoketape? OK.

CMKD aka Comakid - GT WT

Mastered by Neil Combstock (Zero dB), this free EP from Comakid aka CMKD from electrocaine music also comes with remixes from the likes of Faux, ZT, Derrick Motif and Notion A with rAin and AV.