Slick Master Rick aka Houz'Mon

What words can describe the one and only "HOUZ'MON"? Pioneer? Party Rocker? Ghetto Houz Icon?

Lets start at the beginning: Houz'Mon grew up on the West Side of Chicago where he was exposed at an early age to Chicago, New York & Detroit dance music. Before Houzmon, or Rickki q houz was born. He went by the name Slick Master Rick in 1987 and signed his first record deal with Dj International Records. The name of my trax "Brother's and sister's house on 13th street! Aka Halloween House" this trax lunched the foundation and planted the seed of "GHETTO HOUZ" 

Aliases:X-men, Rickkiqhouz, Slick Master Rick

Mixing House and Techno, Houz'Mon created and founded the style we all know now as ghetto house muzik,The style was born at The Factory Nite Club on the west side of Chicago... that sound and this sense of crossing boundaries has made his music so appealing and enduring to many people across different musical scenes.

DJing professionally for over three decades has produced anthem after anthem including "Acids Warp", "Fear the World", Pack it up, Com mo ya, & "101" With his third release on his new label Orchid Records in Chicago "The HouzMon Ep" "The Rebirth Of Houz Ep" & " The Resurrection Ep" Evolutions Ep" And his new Cd "The Mind Of HouzMon" on Beat Boys Records which were all on vinyl & Mp3..

In 1993 Houz'Mon released his first ep on his first record label "Beat Boy Records" ,and the birth of Ghetto Houz Muzik was born!!! In 2006 Houz'Mon made friends with Arnold G, the Grammy Ballot Nominated Recording Artist, was born and raised primarily in Camarillo, California ask Houz'Mon to do a remix for him on his label A&G Records his debut cd "Driven" on the dance floor the trax Houz'Mon remix was callrf "Can You Feel It". Houz'Mon also appeared on labels including Dj International, Dance Mania, Trax Records, Hard West Ent, Pro-Jex, Dirty Muzik Records, Underground housemuzik records, Ego Plastix, Fresca recordings and many others. He also did a movie sound track title " Check Mate" With American legendary martial artist & actress "Cynthia Rothrock"

Houzmon has played all over the world at high profile clubs in Chicago, St Louis, Denver,Michigan, Wisconsin, France, London, Germany, Scotland, Japan, Amsterdam and many more, also made appearance in the dance music documentary "The History of House Music" by the legendary Rocky Jones of DJ International Records