Simon Hinter

With his music released in limited quantities, Simon is earning a name among those that like to keep it to a few. First beginning production in 2000, Simon spent the next ten years in a long period of self-discovery, getting acquainted with sounds, arrangements and a personal style. These ten years were to create a mastery in melodic electronica and shape a deeper perspective that has found home in labels such as ProgCity Deep Trax, Team Records, PHIL Records and Midnight Shift.

Not giving a fuck about musical rules or principles, Simon is serious about his music being his alone, and allowing him to do whatever he wants, whenever. Neither is his small hometown scene of Siegen, Germany, a springwell of talent. Simon’s music is an anomaly that arose not as a result of a scene but from his concentrated efforts as a fun-loving individual with like-minded buddies.

Citing influences such as hip-hop, soul, jazz and funk records of his youth including greats such as David Axelrod, Ahmad Jamal and Donald Byrd, Simon identifies himself primarily as a producer, although DJing and his love for vinyl have been cemented in him since age 15.

Driven to create real feelings with his sound, Simon touch is in creating something new out of something old. This results in feelings both great and painful, new and nostalgic in his music. Due to his approach heard in releases from his debut ProgCity Deep Trax ‘Klapps n’ Funk EP’ in Jan 2010 to ‘Take Care EP’ on Team Records, and more, one need only listen to understand what Simon Hinter is about.