It’s now been a couple of years since Mika Hallbäck emerged on the techno scene as Rivet. But with a history of releasing records and running labels under the Grovskopa moniker since 2001, he is far from a newcomer. After transitioning to Rivet in 2011..

Just as effective are his​ wild and borderless​ DJ sets. He’s graced the most hallowed clubs around the world with fierce intentions and rare skill, playing more decks than he has hands. He juggles, cuts, drops and chops at an alarming rate, but crucially never to the detriment of overall flow—Rivet is a passionate and driving spirit in the art of mixing.

His current and most adventurous excursion as label manager is the recently launched Kess Kill​, which​ has​ the ambition​ "​to​ continue the legacy started in the late ’70​'s​ German new wave/post-punk movement”.​ Always keen to do his own thing and go his own way without working to a formula, Rivet is influenced by anything from​ Liaisons Dangereuses​ ​and Coil to Jeff Mills​ and Paul Johnson. “I love music that​ animates,” says the man who grew up listening to Bronski Beat and Boytronic before eventually becoming obsessed with jungle and UK hardcore in the ‘90s.​ ​The vast​ ​span of influences also explains​ the​ various pseudonyms ​he works under, ​such as Kovsh​ (Convex Industries)​ ​and the Ritual Malmö records.