Berlin producer Recondite played the keys of his first musical melody on an old Casio kids keyboard. Two guitar lessons and a US ‘90s hip-hop collecting frenzy at age 12 later, he fell into the deep hole that is techno via Superpitcher’s ‘Today’ mix released in 2005.

Now with a drawerful of commendable, well-rounded releases under his name, Recondite has slowly but surely found himself at the top of the table next to the producers who supported him, such as Scuba, Tin Man, RNDM and Kassian Troyer of DIAL.

Recondite’s debut ‘On Acid’ album released on Acid Test (2012) caught him much attention while being a clear testament to his talent. This was shortly followed by a healthy handful of other releases, including the memorable DRGN / Wist 365 EP on Hotflush which quickly made its rounds in the sets of DJs from Boddika to Âme.

If his productions impart a form of meditation to the listener it is because Recondite endeavours to keep his productions as aphysical as possible. Choosing a mental state over technique or equipment, Recondite is best able to summon up his creations in a flight mode and with a subjective point of view. Belonging somewhere outside the coordinates of the physical, his tracks have been described as dark, mystic and delivering a tranquil and intimate atmosphere. In another word – beauty.

Recondite is also the owner of the vinyl-only Plangent Records, his project for furthering the sensitivity for deep, melancholic and mesmerizing electronic music in the market.