Mark Forshaw

Liverpool based Mark Forshaw's productions have featured on labels such as Tabernacle, Mathematics, Berceuse Heroique, Unknown to the Unknown, Midnight Shift, I Love Acid, DABJ, Contort Yourself, Scenery, Computer Controlled, Apartment and III Rivers.

Mark also records under the alias Casio Royale, which is an outlet for his basement jack tracks. Aside from Mark’s solo production work, he is also a member of Phantom Planet Outlaws, a live techno group formed with fellow Liverpool based friends Binny and John Heckle. Watch out for their new label BOSS TRACKS. 

Mark is also a skilled and knowledgeable DJ and has been involved in Liverpool’s music scene since the late 90’s. He was resident DJ at two of the city's most notable techno club nights, T-Funkshun and Voodoo. More recently he has played at Jerome Hill's DON'T party and Bangface.