Julien H Mulder

“I come from the ‘all about everything’ school” – Ridley Scott

Julien H Mulder has found home in producing ambient music. It is a world where there is no right or wrong, where everything is possible and where the only limit is one’s own mind. Fearless, imaginative and auteurist are just words that come to mind when one approaches Julien’s well-developed productions – music that spans the breadth of techno to ambient with an otherworldly, science-fiction quality that’s in a category of its own.

The Stockholm-based producer is next in a lineage of outstanding electronic music artists to have come out of the region. Fed on a diet of Herbie Hancock, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and surrounded by science-fiction film scores from a music-loving father while growing up, Julien was encouraged to explore music of all styles from a young age by his dad who remains a big influence. Soon, creating music became second nature to him, and with science-fiction films and scores as a main source of inspiration, he settled in with electronic music and specifically techno for its unique and calculated, yet basic structure.

Spending most of his time exploring and experimenting with different sounds since the early 90s, Julien has today evolved with a highly personal style, one that finds perfection in randomness and in music without limits. Without turning to elaborate masks or an overloading of elements, Julien’s productions speak for themselves. They simply reflect its original creator: honest and true. He finds beauty in the basic, pure and raw nature of sound and it is this that comes through the most in his breathtaking, almost majestic productions, of beneath which is a young producer brimming with energy and creativity.

“When I produce ambient, I create my own film in my mind to go with it. For me, music is a way to create my own world where everything is possible.”