BORIS BRENECKI (also known as Ontal, Impulse Controls, Figure-Ground, Boris Noiz, Lost in the Sound)

With a total of 76 releases at the age of 30, Boris is one of the scene’s most knowledgeable young producers who has already left a mark on almost all of electronic music genres. As Ontal and Impulse Controls (the first with Darko Kolar and the latter with Blush Response), Boris produces an apocalyptic fusion of industrial and techno, with seminal releases on labels such as Mord, Noiztank, Amok Tapes, Ad Noiseam, Inner Surface Music and more. Figure-Ground, Boris’s project with Alexander Church of Dronelock, is an experimental take on IDM and breakbeat. Boris Noiz, the currently defunct alias under which he released his very first records on Yellow Machines and Combat Recordings to name a few, is well-known for twisted future hardcore rinse outs, orchestration and dextrous edits in an off-beat techno, breakbeat and electro setting. Finally, Lost in the Sound is Boris’ vision of oldschool house; it explores his love of jacking acid and the the deeper reflective sounds of Detroit and Chicago. As Boris Brenecki, he released the well-received EP on New York Trax; the leading track titled “The Oven”, with its dirty funk and relentless groove, is a serious candidate for an all-time classic. A talented and thoughtful producer and a skillful DJ, Boris defeats the notion that artists should stick to one idea or concept. Connecting the dots between the past and present, he seems to have a clear vision on what the future of electronic music should be. In conclusion, Boris is the most amazing recruit the New York scene could ever get.