Basic Soul Unit

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, Stuart Li's interest in club music started as a teenager in the late 80s listening to Toronto's independent college radio stations (House, Hip Hop, Electro, RnB, Freestyle and even Reggae and Soca could usually be heard even on the same show). By the early 90s he was hanging out in the multicultural city's thriving after hours scene where DJs would be playing a cross section of house music from New York, Chicago, Detroit and Europe. Stuart grew up on labels such as Trax, DJ International, KMS, Nervous, Strictly Rhythm, & Nu Groove. Working at Cosmos Records store during the late 90s led Stuart to dig further into Disco, Jazz, soul, funk, Latin, Brazilian. With this wide spectrum of interest in music, Stuart's strength as a DJ is his versatility. Depending on the night and the crowd, he can throw down funky Techno, jacking sounds, soulful and deep House, disco, and sometimes a combination of these.

As with his Djing style, Stuart's music can swing from lush and soulful melodic techno to jacking beats or smokey deep house (with hints of above aforementioned influences). He has released music on respected labels such as Philpot, Mathematics, Mule Electronic, Versatile, Ostgut Ton, New Kanada, and Creme Organization. Basic Soul Unit has been getting played and charted across a spectrum of music enthusiasts from deep house heads and techno aficionados. Li also has a number of acclaimed remixes under his belt for Dolly, Creme Organization, Hivern Discs.

Upcoming projects include music for Dolly, Aesthetic Audio, Midnight Shift and a remix on Octopus.